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1° Preparing time:

Of tillage,

  1. Of manuring,

  2. 2° Planting time: Of the four methods of propagating plants, viz:

XL. a. Seeding and here of seed selection

  1. Transplanting
  2. Cuttage
  3. Graftage, and
  4. A "new" method, inarching

XLI. Of when to use these different methods XLII. Of seeding alfalfa
XLIII. Of seeding clover and cabbage XLIV. Of seeding grain

3° Cultivating time:
XLV. Of the conditions of plant growth XLVI. Of the mechanical action of plants XLVII. Of the protection of nurseries and meadows XLVIII. Of the structure of a wheat plant

XLIX. 4° Harvest time:

Of the hay harvest

  1. Of the wheat harvest LI. The threshing floor LII. Threshing and winnowing LIII. Gleaning LIV. Of the vintage LV. Of the olive harvest

5° Housing time:
LVI. Of storing hay
LVII. Of storing grain
LVIII. Of storing legumes
LIX. Of storing pome fruits
LX. Of storing olives
LXI. Of storing amurca

LXII. 6° Consuming time:
LXIII. Of cleaning grain
LXIV. Of condensing amurca
LXV. Of racking wine
LXVL. Of preserved olives
LXVIL. Of nuts, dates and figs
LXVIII. Of stored fruits
LXIX. Of marketing grain

Epilogue: the dangers of the streets of Rome

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