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Machiavelli, quoted
Maeterlinck, quoted on dogs

on the antique lore of bees
on the mathematics of the honeycomb on the queen bee's life
on the nearness of the bee-stand to the dwelling-house

Mago the Carthagenian, treatise on farm management by

Varro's account of

Maison Rustique, cited and quoted Malaria in Roman Campagna
Manure, preparation of

best kinds of

Manure pits, arrangement of
Manuring, importance of


Maremma sheep dogs
Mares, use of, for war horses

milk of

Market day among the Romans
Marl, use of, as manure
Marrying the vine
Martial, quotation from
Meadows, protection of

irrigated, of Lombardy

Measurement of land, units of area used in Mile, the Roman
Military fences
Milk and milking, advice on
Minerval, a
Mitchell, Donald G.
Mommsen, quoted
Montesquieu, quoted
Moon, influence of, on agriculture
Moryson, Fynes, quoted
Mosquitoes, perception by Varro of damages from Mules, remarks on foaling by

uses, care of, etc.

Murray, Gilbert, translation of Euripides by Must cake
Myers, F.W.H., cited

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