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Oaks, effect of, on olive trees
Oboerati, class of bondservants called Ocinum, basil
Oil, manufacture of, from olives
Oil-making implements
Olive farm, number of hands for working an Olives, allowances of, for

farm hands
reasons for growth in Attica
effect of oaks in neighbourhood of advice on planting
propagating from truncheons
harvesting of
methods of preserving
eating preserved

Olive salad
Onager, wild ass

laying out and planting of


See Aviaries

Ortolans, houses for keeping

duties of the
location of room of

Ovid, quoted

selling of worn-out
comparison of horses and
care of hoofs of
treatment of sick
number of, suitable for a farm
qualities of, to be considered
breaking of
respect in which held by ancient Romans

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