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Walnut trees, effect of, on surrounding land Walter of Henley

on use of marl as manure

Warrens, defined
Watch dogs, 116
Water for cattle
Water supply for a steading
Weaning, of young cattle

of lambs

Weanling pigs
Week, the Roman
Wheat, seeding

yields of
structure of plant
harvesting of

Wild asses
Wild boars, keeping of, in game preserves Wind, impregnating of mares by the
Wind breaks for olive orchards
Wine, cabbage as an offset to effects of

allowances of, for farm hands
yields of, in ancient Italy
racking, 173
used in cramming fowls

Winnowing basket, use of, for a cradle Winter ploughing
Wood pigeons, cramming and fattening Wool, shearing sheep for

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