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I say, since when vessels are broken to piecesm you see water flow about and any other liquid run away; and since, alsom mist and smoke disperse into the air, you must conclude that the soul is likewise scattered abroad, and is dissipated much sooner than mist and smoke, and more easily resolved into its original elements, when it has once been drawn from the body of a man, and has taken its departure. for how can you believe that this soul can be held together by any combination of air, when the body itself (which is, as it were, its vessel) cannot contain it, if it be convulsed by any violence, or rendered thin an weak by blood being taken from the veins? How can that air which is more rare than our body confine it? -- Lucretius, On Immortality
A Picture of 'THE UNKNOWN TEMPLE'óNEAR THE TIBER. in Rome. More Illustrations: