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As therefore the city, when previously shadowed out in the mind of a man of architectural skill had no external place, but was stamped solely in the mind of the workman, so in the same manner neither can the world which existed in ideas have had any other local position except the divine reason which made them; for what other place could there be for his powers which should be able to receive and contain, I do not say all, but even any single one of them whatever, in its simple form? And the power and faculty which could be capable of creating the world, I think that he would come to no erroneous conclusion if were to say as one of the ancients did say: That the Father and Creator are good; on which account he did not grudge the substance a share of his own excellent nature, since it had nothing good in itself, but was capable of becoming everything. -- Philo Judaeus, (20 BC to 40 AD)

A Picture of 'THE FORUM' LOOKING TOWARDS THE COLOSSEUM. in Rome. More Illustrations: