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Actus (actus guadratus), unit of area in land measurement Aegean Sea, derivation of name
Aesop's fable of the fox
Agriculture, distinguished from grazing, pottery-making, etc.

definition of scope of
purposes of, are profit and pleasure four divisions for the study of
effect of conformation of the land on, effect of character of soil

Albutius, L.
Alfalfa, advice concerning
Alfius, Roman farmer banker
Alpine hares
Amurca, farm uses of

used for anointing threshing floors waste of, by Romans
method of preserving

Apiaries, location of

See Bees.

Apicius, recipe for ragout of dormice by, Appian, quoted
Appius Claudius Pulcher
Apples, storing
Apulian breed of horses
Aquinas, Thomas
Arbusta, the Italian
Arista, etymology of word
Aristotle, on blindness of puppies

on goats' breathing through their ears on exercising of pregnant mares
on breeding of mares
story related by

Arpent, derivation of
Asparagus planting,
Asses, use of, as compared with other draught animals

manure of
certain choice breeds of
buying, breeding, care of, etc.
milk of

Atticus, T. Pomponius

Augeas, King, tradition concerning
Augustine, St., on Varro

indebtedness of, to works of Varro

Aviaries, profits from

two classes of
those kept for profit
those kept for pleasure

Aviary, Varro's, at Casinum

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