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Bakewell, breeding of sheep by
Barbers, the first, in Italy
Barn yards, arrangement of
Barrows, hogs called
Bavaria, agriculture in Iowa contrasted with that in Beans, use of, for green manuring


Beauclerk, W.N., on agriculture in modern Italy


Bees, eggs of unfertilized queen

the keeping of
theories concerning generation of treatises on, by ancient writers
habits and houses of
money to be made from
location of stands for
food for;
structure and care of hives
kinds of
selection of
swarming of
removal of honey
general care of

Benson, William, edition of Georgics by, quoted Birds, manure of
Blackbirds, houses for keeping
Blackstone, opinion by, cited
Bleat, etymology of word
Blood, use of, in composts
Boars, advice concerning

altering; wild

Boissier, Gaston

quoted and cited

Boke of Husbandry, Fitzherbert's
Bologna sausages
Bones, remedy for injuries to
Borden, Spencer, The Arab Horse by, quoted Boundaries, protection of farm
Buffon, quotations from


Bugs, recipe for exterminating
Buildings on farm

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