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Cabbage, Cato's advocacy of the


Cakes, recipes for
Calendar of agricultural operations Capons, chickens called

method of caponizing cocks

Caprae, goats, derivation of word Capreolus, a spiral tendril
Cascate delle Marmore
Casinum, Varro's estate of
Cassius, quoted
Cassius Dionysius
Cat, the modern household, unknown to Varro Cato, Marcus Porcius

the De re rustica of
literary style of, compared with Varro

Cats, contrasted with dogs in relations with man Cattle, leaves as fodder for

feeding of
care of
number and selection of, for a farm honour paid to, in naming Zodiacal signs and the constellations advice on breeding and feeding
number of, to be kept
advice on neat cattle

Centuria, defined
Chaff, derivation of word
Cheese, varieties and qualities of
Cheese cake
Chestnuts as food in Italy
Child, R., quoted
Cicero, quoted concerning Varro

verse from

Cleaning grain
Clement-Mullet, J.J., translation by Climate, choice of, in buying a farm

connection between conformation of land and

Clover, advice on seeding
Coburn, book on alfalfa by
Colours of horses, significance of

on ploughing
rules about the compost heap
on soil improvement with legumes
on dangers from mosquitoes
on alfalfa

Comedy of Errors, origin of
Compost heap, rules concerning the
Concrete, fences of
Conformation of land, effect of, on agriculture Constellations, names of cattle given to Coots
Corn, structure of plant


See Grain
Corn land as distinguished from plough land Corsican honey
Cotton seed, utilization of
Country life, antiquity of
Cowper and Cowley, lines by
Crescenzi, Pietro, cited
Cultivating time
Curing hams
Cuttage of plants
Cyrrhestes, Tower of the Winds built by

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