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Dante, quotation from
Darwin, Charles, Animals and Plants by

on dormice

Dates, eating preserved
Denarius, value of the
Dennis, Cities and Cemeteries of Etruria by, quoted De re rustica, Cato's
Desmolins, Edmond, cited
Dickson, Andrew, quoted


Diophanes of Bithynia
Disease in cattle, and remedies
Dislocations of bones, remedy for
Dogs, watch


Donaldson's Agricultural Biography, quoted Dondlinger, Book of Wheat by, quoted Dormice, enclosures for, feeding, etc. Draining

period for

Draught animals on farm

number and choice of

Dry farming
Ducks, housing, care of, etc.
Dunghill fowl
Dusting yard for poultry

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