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Fallow, as managed by the Romans
Farm, buying a

laying out of the
stocking the
as a source of both profit and pleasure effect of conformation of the land effect of character of the soil

Farm hands, allowances for

selection, treatment, number of, etc.,

Farrago, mixed fodder

as food for geese

Feast days, observance of
Feed racks, construction of
Ferrero, cited
Field crops, planting of
Figs, season for propagating

eating preserved

Fining the soil
Fishes, feeding and care of
Fish ponds

fresh-water and salt-water
number of, on one estate

Fitzherbert, Sir Anthony

quoted; cited
on combining two kinds of husbandry on greasing of sheep

Flock masters, duties of
Forage, derivation from farrago
Forage crops
Foremen of farm hands, qualifications of Fowl. See Poultry
Fowler, Social Life at Rome by, quoted France, yields of wine in
Freemen as agricultural labourers
Fruits, preserving

time for using stored

Furlong, derivation of

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