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Game preserves
Gauls, pre-eminence of, in

growing and making of pork
high qualities as shepherds

Geese, selection of, breeding, care, etc. Geldings, horses called
Geoponica, the; cited
Georgics, Virgil's, passages based on information from Varro Gestation, periods of
Gleaning of grain fields
Gluma, etymology of word
Goats, as foes of agriculture

characteristics, breeding and handling milk of; use of hair and skins of; shearing of

Googe, Barnaby, translation of Heresbach by Graftage of plants
Grain, advice on seeding

storing of
cleaning, when taken out of storage time for marketing

Granaries, varieties of
Granum, etymology of word
Grapes, harvesting of

advice on storing

Grapevines, trellises and props for Grazing, to be distinguished from agriculture Greek writers on agriculture
Green manuring
Guinea fowl

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