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Sacred pigs
Salad, olive
Salt, allowance of, for farm hands
Saltus, defined
Salutations, Greek, as used by Romans Saserna, as a writer on agriculture

on number of farm hands necessary on securing allegiance of dogs

Scab among sheep and cattle
Scratches in horses, remedy for
Scratching pen for hens
Scripulum, defined
Scrofa, Tremelius

origin of name

Sea birds, manure of
Seasons, agricultural
Seed, selection of
Seed bed, preparing the
Sellar, cited
Seneca, on Virgil's farming
Sestertius, value of the
Sheep, value of, for their manure

buying of
feeding, breeding, and care of
shearing of

Sheep dogs
Shepherds, distinguished from farmers

number and kind of, requisite
purchase of slaves for
life of

Sicilian honey
Size of farm
Slaves, selling of old and sick

importance of food to contentment of selection of, for farm hands
number of, for operating a farm
buying, to act as shepherds

Snails, recipe for preparing cooked

method of keeping in enclosures
varieties of
fattening of

Snakebite, remedy for
Soil, improvement of

effect of character of, on agriculture different kinds of
fining the

Solar measure of year
Solomon, quotation on ploughing from Sour land, treatment of
Sowing, period for
Spring ploughing
Stables for live stock
Steading, building a

husbandry of the
development of the industries of the

Stamen, etymology of
Stocking a farm
Storing crops
Strabo, inventor of aviaries


Straw, derivation of word
Swine, selecting, feeding, breeding, etc.

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