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Tarquinii, ancient Etruscan city
Taylor, John, Arator by, quoted
Teeth, telling age of animals by the Terra, different senses of word
Thales of Miletus
Thebes, derivation of name
Theophrastus, works by

on honey of Corsica

Thessalian horses
Thinning vines
Threshing floor, the
Thrushes, profits from

houses for keeping

Tillage, advice on
Time, standards of

the Roman week

Tools, farming
Toulouse, production of pâté de foie gras in Transplanting
Transportation, importance of ease of Trellises in vineyards
Trumpet, training hogs to obey sound of

assembling wild boars and roebucks by the

Tull, Jethro
Turkeys, fattening

effect of introduction into Europe, on geese

Turtle doves, housing and care of

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