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Roman Gods and Goddesses

Roman Gods

During the pagan era, religion was and worship of supernatural forces and deities was woven into the fabric of every day Roman life. Each house had its household gods, and the State had its official religion. The emoeror was also the chief priest, who together with other high officials was responsible for the proper worship of the gods and the observance of ritual to ensure propserity and military success. Even the Emperor would eventually become a god, worshipped (usually after his death but sometimes in life) as a divine being.

Aurora Goddess of the Dawn. She is the complete opposite of Nox, the goddess of night.
Bacchus God of wine. He was known for his ecstatic followers and could bring joy and revelry but also misery.
Cerberus Guardian of the gates of Hades, the dismal underworld of the ancient pagans..
Ceres Goddess of the earth, grain (hence the word cereal) and of harvests.
Coelus God of Heaven.
Cupid God of Love. Cupid is one of the few pagan gods that is still well known today.
Diana Goddess of hunting, the moon, and of nature. She was a virgin goddess.
Dis God of the underworld.
Faunus God of fields and shepherds.
Flora Goddess of flowers. (Hence the words flora, florist.)
Janus God of of beginnings. He was resposible for the New Year and the Seasons. Contrast with the god Termini, god of boundaries. Janus had two faces, looking in opposite directions.
Juno Queen of the gods and the wife of Jupiter. Jupiter was not a very faithful god-husband; his romantic adventures were legendery and he sired many children with human women.
Jupiter The Supreme God and the ruler of Heaven.
Liber Another name for Bacchus, the god of Wine.
Luna Goddess of the moon.
Mars The God of War.
Mercury The messenger of the gods.
Mors God of Death (note the derivation: mortitian, mortify).
Neptune God of the Seas
Roman God of Night
Nox Goddess of Night
Orcus God of the underworld.
Picus God of fortunetelling, and foreseeing the future.
Pomona Goddess of gardens and fruit trees.
Proserpina Goddess of the underworld.
Psyche Goddess of the soul. She was united with Cupid.
Salacia Goddess of the oceans.
Saturn Roman equivalent of the Greek god Cronus.
Somnus God of sleep.
Venus Goddess of love and beauty.
Vesta Goddess of the hearth. The Vestal Virgins were dedicated to this goddess.
Victoria Goddess of Victory.

Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire

Fall of the Roman Empire


Failure and Grandeur of Roman Civilization

Failure and Grandeur of Roman Civilization

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