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This site is dedicated to bringing you information about the wonder that was the Roman Empire and how its legacy still shapes our history, our language, and the foundations of our society and its institutions. The Roman Empire endures!

Roman Couple

Latest Changes and Additions to the Site

This site about the Roman Empire was created around 2000 and has been in operation since. Its content is slowly expanding as more texts are added to the collection from time to time. Up to now, we have not tracked the changes to the site. This page will record all of the updates and changes as they occur.

Future Planned Upgrades

  • Add a section of Latin Phrases, Sayings and Quotes in current usage today.
  • Add Greek and Roman Ghost Stories
  • Add a More link to the bottom of the front page linking to the second index page
  • Add Latin for Beginners
  • Add the Satyricon
  • Add Ovid's Metamorphoses
  • Add Best Roman Classics
  • Revamp the page layout for all new additions


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This site is dedicated to the History and Cultural Achievements of the Roman Empire.